Group Lunch!

It was great to go for lunch with the SAP lab last Thursday. It was also nice to meet the new members.

UKAN+ Summer School 2023 (UKANSS23)

It was a privilege to be able to help organise UKANSS23. We had a great time looking at digital signal processing (DSP) and its uses in acoustics, as well as exploring how to prepare research grant applications.

Paper at Forum Acusticum 2023

Really encouraging to have my work accepted for Forum Acusticum 2023 in Turin, Italy in September 2023. A. Hogg, H. Liu, M. Jenkins and L. Picinali: Exploring the Impact of Transfer Learning on GAN-Based HRTF Upsampling  In: Proc. EAA Forum Acusticum, European Congress on Acoustics, 2023.

Royal Society event on science policy

We had a great time back at the Royal Society last night, where we engaged members of the science-policy world with our immersive audio research, including Greg Clark, Chair of the House of Commons Science Innovation & Technology Select Committee.

Farewell drinks for Gunhee

I wish you all the best for the future Gunhee, who was my IROP (International Research Opportunities Programme) placement student for the last two months. Thank you for all your excellent work!

The Royal Society’s Summer Science Exhibition

The last week, I and the team have been demonstrating our research to the public at the Royal Society’s Annual Summer Science Exhibition. It has been fantastic to raise awareness of our work and research into immersive audio!!!

Our new paper on the use of GANs to upsample HRTFs is now available!

Our new paper on the use of generative adversarial networks (GANs) to upsample low-res HRTFs to high-res is now available on Arxiv! Read here: A. Hogg, M. Jenkins, H. Liu, I. Squires, S. Cooper and L. Picinali: HRTF upsampling with a generative adversarial network using a gnomonic equiangular projection. In: Proc. IEEE/ACM Transactions on […]

The SONICOM HRTF dataset is now available!!!

Our HRTF measurement dataset, featuring acoustic measurements and 3D head scans of 200 subjects, is available online! Accompanying paper has been published on Journal of I. Engel, R. Daugintis, T. Vicente, AI. T.. Hogg, J. Pauwels, AR. J.. Tournier and L. Picinali: The SONICOM HRTF Dataset. In: J. Audio Eng. Soc., vol. 71, no. […]

AXD – Football Legends

The AXD team marked another great year together with the annual Prince’s Gardens football game ⚽️