AXD – Football Legends

The AXD team marked another great year together with the annual Prince’s Gardens football game ⚽️

Imperial Graduation

It was great to finally be able to graduate from Imperial with these awesome individuals!

First in-person SIG-SAIA meet-up

It was great to be able to host the first in-person SIG-SAIA meet-up at Imperial last Friday. A big thank you to those who came! You can catch up on the presentations here:

Dies Elegantiarum 2023

Wonderful departmental photo at Dies Elegantiarum 2023. Dies Elegantiarum is a long-term tradition in Design Engineering (we had the first one in 2016, and we didn’t miss a year since); it consists in coming to work that day dressed up using your best and smartest attire. Thanks once again to Lorenzo for bring this tradition […]

Early Career SIG Event

Meeting so many great Acoustics researchers at the UK Early career event in Manchester this week was fantastic. Feeling inspired.

AXD meets SAP

It was cool to meet the Speech and Audio Processing Lab from EEE today to present some of the projects we work on and to be able to share knowledge between the teams. It is always good to hear about our common research field from a different perspective!

Visit by Kathi Pollack

It was fantastic to have Kathi Pollack from the Acoustics Research Institute in Vienna visit us last week here at Imperial. It was great the hear about her work on pinna registration for calculating personalised head-related transfer functions.

Visit from SONICOM partners

Great to have our SONICOM partners at Schallforschung ÖAW and LAM – ∂’Alembert visit us for a day in London. Many fruitful discussions were had on how to model our ears.

Paper at APSIPA 2022

Really happy to announce that Simon’s work has been accepted at APSIPA in Chiang Mai, Thailand in November 2022. S. McKnight, A. Hogg, V. Neo, and P. Naylor: Studying Human-Based Speaker Diarization and Comparing to State-Of-The-Art Systems. In: Proc. Asia-Pacific Signal and Inform. Process. Assoc. Annual Summit and Conf. (APSIPA ASC), 2022.