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Spatial Audio and Virtual Reality

Currently a Research Associate at Imperial College London. I have also worked in various engineering roles with Broadcom, Dialog Semiconductor, and Nuance Communications. My research focuses on using deep learning for spatial acoustics and immersive audio. Other research interests include speaker diarization and statistical signal processing for audio applications.
Download my CV here: Aidan_Hogg_CV.pdf
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AXD meets SAP

It was cool to meet the Speech and Audio Processing Lab from EEE today to present some of the projects we work on and to be able to share knowledge between the teams. It is always good to hear about our common research field from

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Visit by Kathi Pollack

It was fantastic to have Kathi Pollack from the Acoustics Research Institute in Vienna visit us last week here at Imperial. It was great the hear about her work on pinna registration for calculating personalised head-related transfer functions.

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