Listener Acoustic Personalisation (LAP24) Challenge

Introducing the Listener Acoustic Personalisation Challenge! We’re inviting everyone in the auditory research community to help us tackle key challenges facing immersive audio technology – namely HRTF normalisation across datasets and HRTF upsampling.

Our paper on GAN HRTF upsampling has now been published!

Our new paper on the use of generative adversarial networks (GANs) to upsample low-res HRTFs to high-res is now available on IEEE Xplore! Read here: A. Hogg, M. Jenkins, H. Liu, I. Squires, S. Cooper and L. Picinali: HRTF upsampling with a generative adversarial network using a gnomonic equiangular projection. In: Proc. IEEE/ACM Transactions […]

Horizon Europe Celebration 2023

It was great to showcase some of our work at the Horizon Europe celebration earlier this week! We’re passionate about how AI can transform auditory experiences and how European collaboration can support this.

SAP Christmas lunch

I really enjoyed my last SAP lunch before I joined Queen Mary. I will miss you all dearly.

Group Lunch!

It was great to go for lunch with the SAP lab last Thursday. It was also nice to meet the new members.

UKAN+ Summer School 2023 (UKANSS23)

It was a privilege to be able to help organise UKANSS23. We had a great time looking at digital signal processing (DSP) and its uses in acoustics, as well as exploring how to prepare research grant applications.